27 July 2016

The City of The Horse

This exquisitely detailed work of art is the product of one Ugo Gattoni - a Parisian artist with a flair for the surreal and a passion for intricate details that, as he says, “is a game of scale between you body and the drawing”

His pieces are stunningly intricate and take months to complete.  This one, entitled “Hippopolis” has something to offer each time you look at it, making it one of the most interesting things you are likely to see today.

Uno first came into the public eye back in 2011...

when he created a huge 33 foot mural in the heart of Paris, and since then has gone form strength to strength with his art, creating beautiful, mesmerising and truly unique pieces that inspire and provoke.


...lending it an organic feel that reminds us of the early days of illustration and hand-drawn animation.  Classic, elegant and with an irrevocable character, Ugo Gattoni is making his imprint on the art world, in his own inimitable style.

See more of his work at www.ugogattoni.fr

It’s a game of scale between your body and the drawing